Beware of ISIS Social Media Spies

Warning: ISIS Searching Your Personal Life

The Islamic State are building lists of people they want their “lone wolf” attackers to kill in cities around the world.

They are collecting names on Social Media of people who are Christians; Military; Police; Jews; NGOs; Militia Fighters; people who disagree with them; Women’s Orgs; prominent anti-ISIS groups. They attempt to dig dig dig to find the people’s personal addresses and any other information, like where you go for coffee, where you have been lately, the license plate on your car from pictures, who your friends are, what your kids look like, what your house looks like, what your hobbies are, and more. Then make a list and share it for thousands of people they have influenced to make improvised explosives or use guns to kill us.

The kind of people who they influence with their recruitment on social media and elsewhere are financially poor; drug users; mental health hazards; less than intelligent; disenchanted; lost; psychopaths; antisocial and so on. They have maybe just started to be Muslims or whatever. The Daesh try radicalize them.
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