Consent is as addictive as fuck.

THe-RINJ-Foundation-Wome-2015-consent-is-addictive-as-fuckConsent is as addictive as fuck. Instead of being a rape apologist why not be a consent proponent?

Because of rape apologism (you say rape is always going to happen and nothing will change that because it is human nature) is so widespread, survivors of rape often don’t tell anyone about their ordeal because they know they are unlikely to be taken seriously.

Because of this the survivor doesn’t receive the support they need from family, friends, doctors, and police, and this lack of support makes it much less likely they will overcome their trauma. Rape apologism literally destroys lives. In addition, rape apologism promotes rape, since it assures rapists that it is unlikely their victims will come forward and be taken seriously.

So instead of being a rape apologist, why not use your energy to promote consent.


Consent is as addictive as fuck.

Since sex crime is the fastest growing crime and most children are now being exposed to that risk, the approach of accepting “Rape exists and will exist through out time” is a crime of itself. Kids cannot consent. They are extremely vulnerable. We must demonstrate zero tolerance for non-consenting sex and ban rape apology altogether. Learn About Consent


Consent is as addictive as fuck.

“She had too much to drink!” Then she cannot consent and any sexual contact is an assault, maybe rape.

The problem with misogyny is that it presumes consent.

Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including the condoning or conduct of sexual discrimination, the condoning or conduct of denigration of women, the condoning or conduct of violence against women, and the condoning or conduct of sexual objectification of women.THe-RINJ-Foundation-Wome-2015-consent-is-addictive-as-fuck-google THe-RINJ-Foundation-Wome-2015-consent-is-addictive-as-fuck-square

The-RINJ-Foundation-passive-tearsAssumed consent is not consent. Are you ready for change?

Real consent is addictive as fuck.