RINJ: Anti-Rape Campaign | Blame Rape Culture or Rapists?

This is a subject of recent debate in the late Summer and Fall of 2014. We worry about getting convictions for many serious criminals whose crime is gender violence.

The zealous attack on the concept of punishing false rape claimants and labeling the proponents of this crackdown as “rape culture promoters” hasn’t changed anything.

Nor has the outrage over the suggestion that rape is caused not by cultural factors but by the conscious decisions of a small percentage of society to commit a violent crime. Rapists should be in prison. That should be the first goal of an anti-rape campaign. But in the United States, by September 18 school had started amd so too had the campus rapes–in big numbers.RINJ-mock-time-cover

Rape culture has built a reticence to deal properly with rapists. Rape culture is real and in simple terms its a general way of thinking that is tolerant of rapists and in favour of blaming the victim who “wore the wrong clothes” or “was too drunk” or whatever…

There are thousands of rapists in the Middle East and in India and they get away with their crime every single day. They rape because they seek power and control over the inhabitants of regions they are invading in the casof ISIL (ISIS); and in India rapists rape for power and control over a gender they consider to be minimized.

Rape culture is a problem but so too is the extensive energy put into opposing rape culture compared to the insignificant effort that is put into imprisoning these rapists. Not that anyone is wasting their time but the goal should be to increase law enforcement of existing statutes that forbid gender violence. The frenzy over rape culture has detracted energy away from dealing with the main problem: people who rape.

False rape claimants taint the jury pool and should be punished in the same manner as would have been the person they falsely accused. That might be a good deterrent. More and more false rape claimants are being seriously punished. Overturning age-old rape convictions on the basis of DNA testing is becoming a nightmare for prosecutors who want to get a conviction on nearly uncorroborated evidence. Juries are tainted.

The RINJ Foundation’s diligent work in the field taking witness statements and supplyingrape kits and testing, all to bring criminal charges against actual rapists, has proven to be more effective than blogging against rape culture.

Sadly the anti rape-culture frenzy is condemning all good men. The actual percentage of men who are rapists is small and they are people who seek power and control in all the wrong ways.

Watch the African soldiers in Somalia and the Islamic State in Mosul and Takrit. It’s all about power, and control = contempt and genocide.

  • Hate crimes are not done by a culture they are done by a small number of people who are willing to commit serious crimes.
  • Racism, sexism and homophobia have not done those crimes … people who think they can get away with the crime have done them because that was their willful desire.