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Welcome to our Posters & Banners Download Pages.
If you have a sexual assault emergency go immediately to: Rape Emergency Information

The RINJ Foundation is an international non-profit NGO funded exclusively by donations.

We invite you to download anti-rape banners and posters for your web sites and social media pages. To learn more you can visit our web site or read the Constitution Of The RINJ Foundation. Contact RINJ by email or by WhatsApp: 647-739-9279

RSAC-white-LogoYou are authorized to copy, distribute and display poster & banner content available here on this site: on your own web site, in your blog posts, on your social media pages or as you please under the following three conditions:

  1. Attribution. You must give The RINJ Foundation credit;
  2. You may not exploit this content to ridicule or willfully harm any rape survivor; and
  3. The use must be Non-Commercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes without express permission

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The RINJ Foundation : Reporting Rape as War Crime
Description 1. The RINJ Foundation has adopted a mission while supporting and caring for survivors, to also gather and compile detailed information on parties to armed conflict that are credibly suspected of committing or being responsible for acts of rape or other forms of sexual violence.
2. The RINJ Foundation vows to be especially vigilant and to aggressively gather evidence where a pattern of sexually violent conduct appears to prove the crime of genocide.
3. From: (
– General for organizations in consultative status Document type: Literature Year 2014
Availability Whole document: If you wish to access any of these documents please let me know, Michele Francis )




  1. We are in a manner of speaking, “discriminating”. We discriminate against adults, even priests, who have sex with kids.We discriminate against people who buy a kid for sex. We discriminate against violent rapists. We discriminate against those adults who commit statutory rape.

  2. Thanks So. The “Don’t Buy A Kid” Campaign is ongoing and reaching hundreds of thousands thanks to your amazing contributions, along with those of the many volunteers you have been coordinating.

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