British Media Family Hell-Bent on Feeding British Rape Culture


Rapist Ched Evans

Rapist Ched Evans

British TV presenter Richard Madeley revealed that his daughter Chloe received a series of tweets on Twitter following comments made by his wife Judy Finnigan on rape during a live TV show.

Fin_78281893_78281891nigan had implied that convicted rapist Ched Evans wasn’t such a bad offender because he hadn’t left his victim violently bashed up.

Somebody should explain to her how traumatizing to rape survivors is this cavalier disregard for the rights, feelings and trauma of the survivor of Ched Evans rape crime.

Apparently some people have reacted to this attack on rapist Evan’s victim by tweeting to the effect “how would you like it if it were your daughter”?

Richard Madeley has warned in the media that “prosecution awaits these tweeters.

His daughter tweeted, “While it may anger some that the term ‘non violent rape’ exists, unfortunately it does.”


Britain’s rape culture…

Overall this is a disgusting family hell-bent on feeding the British rape culture.

A series of rape threats then followed, according to Madeley, which were directed at the couple’s daughter Chloe, 27.

Madeley tweeted: “Thanks to everyone who tweeted support for Judy’s intelligent, clear analysis 2day. Trolls who sent sick rape threats? Prosecution awaits you.”

Madeley and Finnigan have pushed this story as hard as they can to get press for their own careers at the expense of Ched Evans and apparently Madeley’s daughter has also shared in the backlash.

It isn’t hard to find supporters for rapists and antagonists for their victims in Britain. The country has a disgusting record on this crime.



In Britain very few rapists are ever convicted.

Former This Morning presenter Judy Finnigan

Twitter trolls will do what twitter trolls do. These two media people are milking this story and inflaming it as much as they can for publicity. Meanwhile they continue to do this at the expense of Chedwyn Evans whom they claim to be defending by saying that he is not such a bad offender because there were no visible broken bones, lacerations or contusions on the rape survivor.


Britain’s rape culture…

The judge in the matter made similar remarks and is equally disgusting as Judge Jane Mowat who said most rapes are the fault of women, how the dress and how they drink.

Meanwhile among reported rapes in the U.K. there is a 29% increase in this crime over last year while other crime is down slightly. Roughly 23, 000 rapes took place and some 46,000 sex crimes of other types (

It is time to get these types of people off the airwaves and the same types of misdirected judges off the bench.

Evans and another footballer, Clayton McDonald, were tried at the Crown Court at Caernarfon after being indicted of the rape of a 19-year-old woman at a hotel near Rhyl in May 2011. Evans was convicted on 20 April 2012 and was sentenced to five years imprisonment. He served only half that time.

Judge Merfyn Hughes QC stated in his sentencing remarks that: “The complainant was 19 years of age and was extremely intoxicated. CCTV footage shows, in my view, the extent of her intoxication when she stumbled into your friend. As the jury have found, she was in no condition to have sexual intercourse. When you arrived at the hotel, you must have realised that.Judge-mowat