RINJ Foundation Says Wear the Daesh Gang ‘Colors’, & You Are a War Criminal

If you Carry this Flag or Wear These Gang Colors you are guilty of Genocide.

Guilt By Association with The “Islamic State”

The Daesh is a cancer on the human species. The only way to save the species is to kill the cancer. Join the Daesh and you give everyone the right to kill you.isis-flag-meaning-cover

Before you head off to Syria or Iraq to join the Daesh in their campaign of madness, think about your sister, mother, daughter or other female relatives. ISIL rapes children, mom’s, sisters, grandmas and even sodomizes its own soldiers. ISIL commits murder; massacres; dehumanization; extermination; human experimentation; military use of children; kidnappings; unjust imprisonment; slavery; torture; rape; political, racial and religious persecution; and other inhumane acts which have exceeded the threshold of crimes against humanity as a widespread or systematic practice.

You are not safe from us. Who are we? Women. You can’t evade us. We are 51% of the world’s population. No matter what you do we are watching you. We know who you are and where you come from. You came from a mother’s womb. We will find you again and bring you to a morbidly harsh justice.

The RINJ Foundation’s (https://rinj.org) NGO workers in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and parts of Africa assigned to the ISIL Gender-based Violence Crisis (rape, forced marriages, child-molestation), since mid-2013, elected to go beyond witness statements, photo-lineups & telecommuting database research to set up in-theatre rape clinics collecting DNA identification evidence from cooperating rape survivors.

The RINJ Foundation has allied with Peshmerga women & other female fighters of a like mind for protection, translation, and general assistance to RINJ medical and logistic workers implementing sexual offence forensic evidence collection & eventual testing.

Aggressive pattern of sexual violence against Yazidi and Christian women in the combat zones of Syria & Iraq comprises a crime against humanity of “Genocide”. The Daesh is a cancerous disease.

ISIL released a pamphlet on the topic of female captives and slaves, which sets out the organization’s interpretation of Islamic law concerning the use of captive non-Muslim women.

The pamphlet was published in November saying that having sex with non-Muslim slave women is permissible, even when these are young girls, and that one may beat them and trade in them too.

According to the pamphlet there are certain limitations on the allowed “uses” of these women: for example, while the beating of a female slave is permissible, one may not torture them or hit their faces.

Any sexual contact with a female slave owned by another man is forbidden, the pamphlet states – unless one first marries the female slave, at which point she continues to belong to her master, who is henceforth forbidden of conducting intercourse with her, a “right” reserved for her husband only. While permitting intercourse with prepubescent slaves, the pamphlet forbids the separation of such girls from their mothers.


According to the Daesh, female slaves – just like all women – must be fully covered with only their necks, feet and hands visible, the pamphlet states.

The new Foundation war-zone process compiles a pattern prosecution of two dozen Islamic State Command & Control ordered cases of sexual violence in war, contravening international conventions.
The RINJ Foundation adduces to ICC the aggressive pattern of sexual violence against women in the combat zones of Syria & Iraq comprises a crime against humanity of “Genocide”.


The Foundation’s experiences in ISIL-occupied cities provide no evidence of humanitarian intentions for the civilians of the conquered & occupied lands. Notwithstanding what if anything the Islamic State would offer as evidence at a tribunal, nothing apparent mitigates Islamic State conduct.

The RINJ Foundation further adduces that any person associated by wearing the “uniforms” or acting under orders of an officer of the Islamic State is despicable to the world and guilty of the crime against humanity of “Genocide”. Punishment on conviction is severe.

Young people today may not remember the impact of Bosnia-Herzegovina & Rwanda but it is no less true that global organizations are poised to eradicate this conduct with harsh measures.

Many ISIL Fighters are Pedophiles
“It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse.” From: ISIS pamphlet on taking captives


This man is accused of being a rapist & ISIL war criminal. If you can identify him, contactThe RINJ Foundation.


This man is accused of being a rapist & ISIL war criminal. If you can identify him, contactThe RINJ Foundation.


This man is accused of being a rapist & ISIL war criminal. If you can identify him, contact The RINJ Foundation.