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https://rinj.org/join The RINJ Foundation Team

https://rinj.org/join The RINJ Foundation Team

Telecommuting RINJ Member Investigators

Telecommuting RINJ Member Investigators

The RINJ Foundation is amassing a database of ISIL / ISIS offenders to show to war-time sexual violence survivor-witnesses.

Look where pedophiles are hiding now: ISIS!

Look where pedophiles are hiding now: ISIS!

The concept of photo lineups.

The concept of photo lineups.

  • RINJ Members are doing research online from home.
  • RINJ has investigators in the field who are identifying persons who have been accused of committing a war-crime of sexual violence. This is an arduous task and many elements of the work come in the form of individual researchers’ contributions to the database.
  • RINJ Telecommuting volunteers working from their home all around the world:
    • Find photographs of ISIL Jihadists in selected areas and upload here.
    • Try to identify these people and Report Here
  • Researchers are needed to scour the internet for news pictures taken in the field. They are then uploaded to the RINJ Foundation and other researches make the data available to people in the field. By searching social media and other resources, identifying the offenders is a tedious but rewarding task.
  • Information derived from telecommuting RINJ members work includes analyzing photographs for tattoos, scars, jewelry, articles of clothing, beard shapes, hair removal patterns (shaving patterns), spectral analysis (hair coloring, skin tones (1-5)) etcetera. The data is then stored in an RDBMS (Relational database management system) and correlated.
  • The methods RINJ uses to assemble and correlated data are internationally accepted routines capable of adducing to any court as evidence for identification and prosecution of war criminals.
  • The RINJ Foundation has volunteers in the field who are collecting evidence and doing survivor support and case work reporting.
  • RINJ membersin the field are surreptitiously taking photographs of alleged offenders.
  • The RINJ Cell Phone For Survivor  programme has brought much data to the endeavor.  Many cell phones are now in the hands of women who are prisoners, refugees or in hiding.
  • Women and children survivors of war-crime rape in the field use The RINJ Foundation’s mobile web reporting functions to tell their story and make a complaint which RINJ then investigates.
  • Any RINJ Foundation Member can file a report of war-crime rape of their own experience or their knowledge of crime against another person by submitting photographs (especially identification photos of perpetrators before, at, or after the material time) and documents here on this page. You can file a detailed report here.
Death Sentence For Parties To Rape In Conflict

Death Sentence For Parties To Rape In Conflict

Learning Resources


Upload Files

To upload pictures or other evidence, use the tools below or go here: https://rinj.org/uploads/ . If you would like to leave a note for the office, create your message in a “your_name.txt” document or a word document and upload it. Once the file is uploaded it is no longer available to you. Security is high. You can put many photographs into a ‘zip’ file and upload that. There are limits to file size but that limit is very generous. Zip files could contain 9 to 10 pictures. Files are stored off-site.
(*file size restricted 25M For larger files ask an admin and you will be sent to another server with a password.)

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Kobani, Syria 10-08-2014

The RINJ Foundation has issued a statement that condemns the acquiescence of Turkey and the United States in allowing the last Christian enclave of the Middle East to fall to rapists and murderers.
Press Release
Kobani, Syria 10-08-2014 — According to the RINJ Foundation’s statement, It is not that nobody knew of the atrocities, it’s that nobody cared.

The statement published on the RINJ.org web site goes on to say that, “Kobani is the last stop on ISIL’s northern scourge in Northern Iraq and Syria and the massacre and continuing sexual violence is on the entire Western Alliance. (https://rinj.org/interactive/?page_id=1222)

“The last Christian community in the Middle East, Kobani, is at the verge of it’s death by massacre, assimilation and eventual annihilation. Genocide. The raping and murder continues”, continues the tersely worded release.

“The fleeing civilians from this Northern Syrian city have nowhere to go. Here in these pictures you see them lined up at the Turkish border being turned away. The Turks are now using weapons and water canon to push back terrorized refugees who must now face torture, rape, enslavement and death at the hands of the ISIL.”

https://rinj.org/donate/ We need your charitable donations to do our work. Teaching, counseling, supporting, comforting, helping women and children survivors. Please Donate. https://rinj.org/donate/ And become a member here: https://rinj.org/join/

We need your charitable donations to do our work.
Teaching, counseling, supporting, comforting, helping women and children survivors. Please Donate. https://rinj.org/donate/ And become a member here: https://rinj.org/join/


We need your charitable donations to do our work.
Teaching, counseling, supporting, comforting, helping women and children survivors. Please Donate. https://rinj.org/donate/ And become a member here:https://rinj.org/join/


There are unknown numbers of captured children and women being raped and sold as property to the 60-80,000 smelly ISIS fighters in the region. Spread the word. Scan the papers, internet, mags and if you are in the region use your cell phone, camera or laptop any time you are able. Email the pics to me at katie@rinj.org or go to our upload page: https://rinj.org/uploads/ I just need clear head and shoulder pics at least to show to some witnesses. We want to identify and charge some rapists in the International Criminal Court. I am angry, passionate & driven to get a good result & put these deviant aberrations of humanity in prison forever. I hear my sisters crying every night. Help me with this. – Katie

ISIS War Crime

New Data Collection Methods

Mosul, Iraq: August 22, 2014 — The RINJ Foundation currently uses mostly conventional methods for gathering information for each war-crime victim including a basic three page information data-collection form which provides sufficient information for the collection of evidence that would bring to jurists for each victim or survivor-witness,

1) evidential details of the specific criminal event,
2) motivation of the crime,
3) evidence of criminal intent,
4) evidence of the criminal act,
5) identification evidence,
6) connected evidence of similar crimes, trends and patterns, and
witness lists.

Meanwhile we are testing a peer-to-peer Android (linux kernel) application that allows data sharing and real time communications between field operators; interviewing witnesses; taking photographs and sharing in real time; and coalescing reports being worked on by several people in the field at the same time. . .


More to follow

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Do you have photographs of suspected rapists? We'll be showing them to survivors in photo-lineups as we collect evidence for ICC war crimes cases. Send to is@rinj.org

Do you have photographs of suspected rapists? We’ll be showing them to survivors in photo-lineups as we collect evidence for ICC war crimes cases. Send to is@rinj.org



RINJ teachs law enforcement how to identify and respond to sexual abuse, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and rape.

RINJ: Rape Is No Joke @RapeIsNoJoke




From https://rinj.org/war-crime/ August 25, 2014… Contrary to common misconception the RINJ Foundation has no problem finding a venue for the immediate prosecution of war-time sexual offences. The United Nations has since the Nuremburg trials twice convened a tribunal in the Hague, once for crimes in the former Yugoslave states and once for Rwanda. Those experiences led to the creation of the ICC.
The International Criminal Court (ICC or ICCt) is a permanent international tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crime of aggression. Jurisdiction for the crime of aggression will not be active until 2017 and there has been some suggestion that The RINJ Foundation’s criminal charges for war-time sex crimes may need to await the more encompassing charge of aggression but an argument has been prepared to suggest that the more immediate and specifc charges of gender violence, rape and therefore genocide could lead in to aggression charges as valid precursor evidence of aggression, especially where a series of charges show trend progression and pervasiveness of the crimes.
The ICC was created by the Rome Statute which came into force on 1 July 2002.The Court is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, but its proceedings may take place anywhere. It is intended to complement existing national judicial systems, and may only exercise its jurisdiction when national courts are unwilling or unable to investigate or prosecute such crimes. In the case of Syria and The Congo the nation states are unwilling. Other states are willing.
Iraq is one such state willing at some levels to conduct War Crime hearings. It’s complicated. Such a tribunal could be asked to include the American invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. The RINJ Foundation with some authorities in Iraq is examining the possibility that charges against Americans may be brought forward, as suitable evidence has recently come into the hands of the international community and shared with The RINJ Foundation. Allegations against American actors (similar to those against the CIA, U.S. Armed Forces and ‘contractors’ at Abu Ghraib) have in part been prosecuted vigorously by the U.S. government (some are ongoing) but outstanding allegations of apparent validity must not be excluded from prosecution, though seemingly the Obama administration is likely willing to carry the files of remaining cases and hopefully an agreement is possible to hold the hearings in the respective nations. It’s an anticipated side issue because the outstanding allegations against Americans pale in comparison to the evidence of deliberate wholesale rape and genocide by the ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Owing to these aforementioned and other political dimensions in Iraq a trial in that country may be a long time off and therefore the ICC will likely be the better venue and have greater immediacy.
Notwithstanding, relying on international common law, The RINJ Foundation asserts that there is no existence of a statute imposing limitation of prosecution of such crime; furthermore that proof beyond a reasonable doubt should yield a conviction in any jurisdiction where the ICC or a national court would convene a hearing for genocidal sexual offences; and additional penalties including the death penalty should be sought where it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was in proven fact a war crime as set out in the United Nations’ resolutions (as shown below in the RINJ-edited English version).
An international court first convicted a person of rape as a crime against humanity in 2001 (ICTY). The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY, 1993) Court expanded the definition of slavery as a crime against humanity to include sexual slavery.
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR, 1994) also declared rape to be a war crime and a crime against humanity. In 1998, the ICTR became the first international court to find an accused person guilty of rape as a crime of genocide (used to perpetrate genocide).
The judgment against a former Rwandan mayor, Jean-Paul Akayesu, held that rape and sexual assault constituted acts of genocide insofar as they were committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, the Tutsi ethnic group.
NGO volunteers offer some good solutions for quiet, unobtrusive, impartial, unnoticed interviewing and data collection for prosecutions in the wake of the abhorrent conduct of sexual violence as a tactic of war. Continue reading: https://rinj.org/war-crime/ messagetoallwomen
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